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Vertical Concrete

You've seen how decorative stamping can add beauty and drama to concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways and other horizontal surfaces. But did you know you can use similar stamping and texturing techniques to enhance vertical surfaces, such as the walls inside your home or business, a fireplace front, outdoor kitchen, or an exterior privacy wall?

Vertical Concrete is a decorative overlay system applied to new or existing walls or other vertical surfaces. Vertical Concrete is designed to create a new surface to begin a new look, style and feel to vertical settings. The overlay is a strong and durable system, with a surface strength twice that of regular concrete. Once the vertical application is applied, the true effect of the application comes to life through the coloring process, which can be specific to your design needs. Our Vertical Concrete process allows you to create the appearance of stone, wood, brick, boulders and other unique designs specific to your needs. Whether using vertical stamping tools or personalized hand carvings. Vertical Concrete is perfect for your unique creation.


Perfect for - 

  • Fireplaces

  • Fire Pits

  • Back Splashes

  • Shower Surrounds

  • Raised Gardens

  • Outdoor Living spaces

  • Accents Walls

  • Fire Tables


Staining Features - 

  • Can be installed over concrete, masonry, wood, cement board, plaster,  drywall, and even foam

  • Lighter than manufactured or natural stone

  • Endless color options

  • Endless pattern options

  • Fully customisable


Staining Benefits -

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Easy to clean and to maintain

  • Sustainable through natural elements

  • Restore existing damaged concrete to like new conditions

  • Create custom patterns

  • Repairable

Barkyard Fire Pit
Outdoor Fireplace Mantel
Concrete Backsplash
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